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Latest Event: The Ebonista Hub

Welcome to the Ebonista Hub.

From October 2021 to November 2021, The Ebonista Project helped women with finding hope and taking back their happiness.

We created a safe space that women can visit to access meaningful support from other women with lived and professional experience.

No type of domestic abuse should be faced alone and Ebonista are making sure women do not have to. Our mission is to support, empower and advocate for women who have been subjected to partner and/or family abuse.

We put on 1 to 1 Support Sessions with the aim of actually making a difference. Our client-led service created a person-centered plan of support. With our experience we were able to discuss the various avenues women can take in order to remain safe and live a life free from abuse.

We provided Supportive, Meaningful & Practical Advice. We took a completely different approach to support. We ensured women’s voices were heard and worked with them for positive, life changing results. We also advocated for them to ensure they felt valued, respected and empowered.

We aimed for a growing community that has strength in numbers. We understood how isolated women may have felt at this time and so we made sure that in and out of our sessions they had a growing network that had their back and, most importantly, their best interest at heart.

Stay tuned for the next Ebonista event happening some time soon!

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